wordpress visual editor tutorial in telugu

In this video you will learn

Using Wordpress Visual Editor

Wordpress visual editor is one of the best option addon in wordpress. it is used to create posts and pages content and allows user to add multimedia elements like images, videos and also used to format the content of your web page.


making hyperlinks

Changing Text color (it writes css inline code dynamically)

text align

floting text

floating images

Hyperlinks options

many more...

here are few points i will cover

What is Visual Editor

difference b/w visual editor and code edtor

designers options

developer options

basic formting tags for content

adding links with visul editor

adding links with code editor

removing links

adding horizental lines


un orderlist


left indent

right indent

bold, italic and underline options

headings h1 to h6

paragraphic text

preformating text.

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