Best Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Best Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

SEO Skills Academy

Best Digital Marketing Training in Mehdipatnam – Hyderabad

Digital Marketing  is a new way to use the web. It’s a trendy term to describe a new kind of mass media. It involves both listening, and talking. Blogging, tweeting, ‘friend request’ and fan pages. Twitter is all the rage. Facebook has over 1 billion users. Anyone that has a product or service must be on these social channels.
Our Digital  Marketing course in Hyderabad will teach you how to create all the accounts, how to customise different pages and how to fully take advantage of these social media channels . You will learn how to integrate the different feeds into your or your clients websites. Being able to build custom Facebook pages is a well sought after skill.
Learn how to create engaging content and how to increase your fans and followers. You will also learn how to create additional pages within a custom Facebook page, basically building a mini website on Facebook. You will also learn how to create a competition with data capturing on Facebook. Finally we will look at blogging and how to incorporate all the social media widgets within your website or blog.
This is a Great Digital  Marketing Course for students wanting to add to their list of services offered. As with all our courses, this courses is also practical and easy to follow.


Anyone interested in learning how to market any business using social network websites. Web Designers that want to offer Digital marketing as a service. Business owners that wants to manage their own social identities. Anyone wanting to learn Digital Marketing in SEO Skills Academy.


For this Digital  Marketing Course in SEO skills we will assume basic knowledge of using the internet. You should have a basic working knowledge of using either Windows or Mac systems. You should be familiar with popular Social Channels. Having Web design  knowledge will also be an advantage.


  • Creating web site using word press
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ad words )
  • Email Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing Techniques
  • Google Plus
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Web masters tools
  • Google Ad Sense
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Reddit
  • Other popular social media tools and Channels

SEO Skills offer online training on Digital Marketing. you can learn from you Home.

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Hi Ravindra Reddy, Thank you For Posting,
We are also offering basic and advanced digital marketing courses. With a focus on complete Digital Marketing Training, we train on in-depth Digital marketing that will help any individual in learning the best methods to promote a product or services online successfully. Grab the opportunity and sign up for our Digital Marketing Courses.
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